Our sole focus is on player development. We value winning but not more than character and performance.

Our goal is to create SKILLED, CONFIDENT, and CREATIVE players.

All Blue Devils Academy training sessions will include the following components:

  • Technical
  • Speed (with/without the ball)
  • 1v1-2v2 Attacking/Defending
  • Small Group Play
  • Small-Sided-Games

All training sessions will be high intensity and played at game speed.

Junior Academy Program U8-U12
Key Points

  • Priority on individual technique/skills
  • Game awareness/Problem solving
  • Small group play (opposed/unopposed)
  • All training sessions 60-80 minutes

Youth Academy Program U13-U15
Key Points

  • All training sessions will have an emphasis on TECHNIQUE
  • Players will be introduced to various team systems and formations of play
  • Understanding tactics (on-field and classroom sessions)
  • 90 minute training sessions

Senior Academy Program U16-U18
Key Points

  • Technical/Tactical/Fitness/Psychological components of the game
  • Game awareness/Speed of play
  • Goal setting/Self evaluation
  • Performance analysis
  • 90 minute training sessions

Aligned with the principles of Long Term Player Development as outlined by Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer, the Blue Devils provide a complete player pathway for aspiring young players to compete, train and develop.

Soccer Training Program - Player Pathway